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At LF Interiors, we believe home is the backdrop to life's most important moments. Therefore, we don’t just aim to design a beautiful space, we believe in creating functional spaces made specific for your family’s wants and needs. We seek to design spaces that transcend trends by honoring the architecture of the home and thoughtfully take into consideration geographical location, color palette, and interior architecture. We work hard to create a team of exceptional trades to execute our vision and bring forth awe inspiring spaces. Throughout the process, LF Interiors is responsible for managing the project and procuring all materials, ensuring that every project is executed to perfection. LF Interiors focuses on timeless designs that are intentional, layered and designed for living.

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Meet Lauren


LF Interiors was born out of seeing a need for contemporary, functional and timeless design in the Temecula Valley. Prior to starting her own company, Lauren worked in for a corporate builder design firm and studied at UCLA's interior architecture program.

What started out as a passion for helping busy families turned into a thriving business with clients in all four corners of the United States.

Lauren's timeless, classic style has become the LF Interiors signature look. She attributes her company's success to her ability to understand and connect with her clients, resulting in dream spaces created uniquely for them.

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